Forthcoming Issue: Vol 5, No 1 (spring 2018)

Guest edited by Frank Pasquale (University of Maryland, Law), the special issue on New Economic Analysis of Law will feature illuminating syntheses of social science and law. What would law & economics look like if macro-, as opposed to micro-, economics were a primary concern of scholars? Do emerging online phenomena, such as algorithmic pricing and platform capitalism, promise to perfect economic theories of market equilibrium, or challenge their foundations? How did simplified economic models gain ideological power in policy circles, and how can they be improved or replaced?  This issue will highlight scholars whose work has made the legal academy more than an “importer” of ideas from other disciplines—and who have, instead, shown that rigorous legal analysis is fundamental to understanding economic affairs.


Shawn Bayern, Florida State University School of Law 

Ariel Ezrachi, Oxford University 

James Kwak, University of Connecticut School of Law

Yair Listokin, Yale Law School

Martha T. McCluskey, University at Buffalo School of Law

Frank Pasquale, University of Maryland

Sofia Ranchordas, University of Groningen Faculty of Law 

Maurice Stucke, University of Tennessee, Knoxville

Sabeel Rahman, Brooklyn Law School