Forthcoming Issue: Vol 4, No 2 (fall 2017)

The line-ups for the book forums in issue 4:2 are:

Nicola Lacey, In Search of Criminal Responsibility (2016)

  • Ely Aharonson (Haifa)
  • Susie Blumenthal (Minnesota)
  • Sharon Cowan (Edinburgh)
  • Michele Pifferi (Ferrara)
  • Alessandro Spena (Palermo)
  • Nicola Lacey (LSE) (author's reply)

David Armitage, Civil Wars: A History in Ideas (2017)

  • Jens Bartelson (Politics, Lund)
  • Julián Casanova (History, Zaragoza/CEU)
  • Carsten Hjort Lange (Classics, Aalborg)
  • Patricia Owens (IR, Sussex)
  • Benjamin Straumann (Law, NYU)
  • David Armitage (History, Harvard) (author's reply)