Forthcoming Issue: Vol 3, No 1 (spring 2016)

Guest edited by Clifford Ando (University of Chicago, Classics, History & Law), "The New Ancient Legal History" gathers essays by some of the most interesting scholars in emergent areas of study in premodern law. Ancient legal systems are now attracting sophisticated study from a rising generation of interdisciplinary scholars. Their approaches are as varied as the material under study, but they share a critical engagement with the resources of contemporary legal scholarship and due regard for the evidentiary regimes that obtain in their separate fields. Contributors will include:

  • Ari Bryen
  • Natalie Dohrmann
  • Lisa Eberle
  • Maxim Korolkov
  • Susan Lape
  • Rena Lauer
  • Marta Madero
  • William Peyton Sullivan

The book forum on Anna Su's Exporting Freedom: Religious Liberty and American Power (Harvard 2015) will feature essays by:

  • Peter Danchin
  • Saba Mahmood
  • Samuel Moyn