Recent Issue: Vol 2, No 1 (spring 2015)

The New Historical Jurisprudence issue seeks to highlight and to encourage a trend in recent legal scholarship, or rather scholarship on law, that--like the original historical jurisprudence--pursues a historical analysis of law, as a form of critical analysis of law, rather than legal history, as applied historiography. Generated by theorists with a historical sensibility, and historians with theoretical curiosity, this emerging body of work exploits and challenges the intersection of history and jurisprudence in innovative and exciting ways. Contributors includes:

  • Samera Esmeir (UC Berkeley)
  • Mireille Hildebrandt (Erasmus University Rotterdam)
  • Aaron Knapp (Boston University)
  • Peter Lindseth (University of Connecticut)
  • Arlie Loughnan (University of Sydney)
  • Heikki Pihlajam√§ki (University of Helsinki)
  • Lena Salaymeh (Tel Aviv University)
  • Galia Schneebaum/Shai Lavi (Herzliya/Tel Aviv)
  • Karl Shoemaker (University of Wisconsin)
  • Robert Steinfeld (SUNY Buffalo)